Cannabis Company Unveils Country’s First Marijuana Billboards In Seattle

With legal pot, comes advertising.

Washington’s official logo for pot products — not a billboard.

Back in my day, the only billboards along the side of the road were for things like light beer, ambulance chasers, adult video stores, fast food and car dealerships. No longer will roadside advertising be limited to such things, as a new era of everyday legal marijuana use in Washington has made the country’s first cannabis billboards a reality.

Now that you can smoke, toke, ingest and otherwise use pot legally in Washington, the industry is doing what all other industries do to attract customers and make money, by advertising with five new billboards unveiled yesterday in the Seattle area, reports the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s aptly named Pot Blog.

The ads for Dàmà Cannabis products are part of a larger ad campaign that will launch throughout this month at big events in the city this month, with plans for at least 15 more billboards advertising its oils and other products in the next six months.

State laws prohibit the ads from being placed near schools, churches and cemeteries, but otherwise these billboards will be just like the others.

The ads feature “Pacific Northwest lifestyle moments for recreational marijuana,” with scenes featuring people enjoying nature and other outdoorsy situations, instead of showing actual products.

What, did you think they’d feature your mom’s basement littered with Cheetos paraphernalia and the bong your buddies got you that one year for your birthday when you were totally broke? No one needs to see that.

Cannabis company rolls out Seattle ad campaign [The Pot Blog]

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