Ryan Dearth

More States Legalizing Pot Could Force Feds To Do Something About Bank Access

Operating a store selling a product that’s legal in your state but illegal on the federal level creates a unique business challenge: running a business without being allowed to use banks. Yet ballot initiatives on Election Day, just over a week from today, could make recreational or medical cannabis legal for recreational or medical use in 34 states, and for both in populous states like California and Massachusetts. Could this push the feds to do something about the banking situation? [More]

New iPhone App Shows You Where To Buy Marijuana

New iPhone App Shows You Where To Buy Marijuana

If you’re wondering where to buy marijuana, or if you were too stoned to remember where you did buy it, there’s an app for that. Apple has approved a new iPhone application named “Cannabis” that personalizes Google maps to show you where to buy, well, cannabis.