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Not so satisfrying after all?

Satisfries “Fairly Similar” To Regular BK Fries, But That’s “Not Necessarily A Good Thing”

While we have our share of shenanigans over here at Consumerist HQ, our benevolent benefactors at Consumer Reports get the fun task of eating french fries and calling it work. They’ve already bent their minds and mouths to the task of tasting and reviewing Burger King’s new lower-calorie Satisfries (and we’re kind of bummed we weren’t there for it). How did they do? [More]


Burger King Admits Some Beef In U.K. Contained Horse Meat, But None Sold To Diners

Despite taking its business elsewhere after a meat processing plant in Ireland was found to have beef mixed with horse meat, it seems Burger King didn’t move fast enough to insure its 100% beef patties stayed that way. The fast food chain admits that some of the beef from its supplier contained trace bits of horse DNA, but none of that meat made it into its restaurants. [More]