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This concerned citizen is worried about the name-change epidemic that is sure to follow.

Some People Actually Believe Burger King Changed Its Name And Are Really Angry About It

We’re constantly being told that we are a jaded and cynical people who are unwilling to believe anything at face value and read signs of predatory marketing attempts in even the most innocent of gestures. But leave it to social media and one of the world’s largest fast food chains to show that some folks will be taken in by even the most blatant marketing gimmick. [More]

Not so satisfrying after all?

Satisfries “Fairly Similar” To Regular BK Fries, But That’s “Not Necessarily A Good Thing”

While we have our share of shenanigans over here at Consumerist HQ, our benevolent benefactors at Consumer Reports get the fun task of eating french fries and calling it work. They’ve already bent their minds and mouths to the task of tasting and reviewing Burger King’s new lower-calorie Satisfries (and we’re kind of bummed we weren’t there for it). How did they do? [More]