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L.L. Bean Orders Delayed Up To A Week After Problem With Systems Upgrade

As if L.L. Bean hasn’t had enough problems getting its popular and often backordered duck boots onto the feet of customers, some recent buyers will remain bootless a bit longer as issues with a systems upgrade has forced the company to delay shipments. [More]

L.L. Bean’s Duck Boots Still All The Rage, Continue To Be Backordered

L.L. Bean’s Duck Boots Still All The Rage, Continue To Be Backordered

Last year, L.L. Bean hired 100 additional workers to ramp up production of their iconic, unglamorous USA-made duck boots. Nonetheless, the popular footwear was quickly put on backorder. Now, the long-time retailer is once again putting some styles on backorder, despite increasing production, hiring additional employees, and making plans for a larger facility.  [More]

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Walgreens Closing 200 U.S.-Based Stores In Latest Cost-Cutting Measure

Walgreens isn’t just doing away with its “Be well” campaign, the drugstore now also plans to shutter 200 of its 8,232 stores in the U.S. over the next two years. [More]

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L.L. Bean Plans To Triple Its Retail Locations By 2020

Shh… can you hear that? If you listen very, very closely, it’s the grumbling of lumbersexuals and other hipsters across the land, groaning over the fact that their L.L. Bean duck boots are hopelessly backordered. And winter is almost over! Have no fear, in the future it could be easier to ensure your feet are properly clad in rubber-toed boots before you take a photo of them somewhere interesting, as the retailer is aiming to open a slew of new stores in the next five years. [More]

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Timberland Boots Have A Lifetime Warranty, Unless You’re In Prison

Prison commissaries sell basic consumer goods like deodorant and snacks, and also optional clothing items like socks and work boots. A reader’s letter brought a dilemma to our attention: the regular warranty exchange procedures don’t work when you’re in prison and can’t receive outside mail. [More]

Clarks Stands Behind And Replaces Leaky Shoes

Clarks Stands Behind And Replaces Leaky Shoes

Keeping your feet dry is sort of a key feature of shoes, so Justin was disappointed when the sole of his Clarks boots cracked and leaked whenever he wore the boots in the rain. He contacted the company and learned that their shoe soles have a five-year warranty, and mailed out his broken shoes and had a replacement pair within just a few weeks. Hooray! [More]

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Yes, Virginia, there is a true meaning to Christma: looking ab-fab. — BEN POPKEN