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Tesla Accuses Former ‘Autopilot’ Manager Of Stealing Company Secrets

Between safety concerns and a tit-for-tat with a former supplier of parts for its assisted-driving system, Tesla’s Autopilot has been thrust into the spotlight numerous times in the last year. Now, the company is doing battle over the semi-autonomous feature again, this time suing a man who formerly worked as a manager for the division, claiming he stole company secrets to start his own self-driving company.  [More]

Jay-Z Sues David Ortiz Over Copycat Club Name

Jay-Z Sues David Ortiz Over Copycat Club Name

It’s the hitmaker vs. the designated hitter, as rapper/producer/mogul/Beyonce-marrier Jay-Z has filed a lawsuit against Boston Red Sox slugger David Ortiz, claiming the oversized Ortiz stole the name of his new nightclub from Jay-Z’s celeb friendly night spot in New York City. [More]