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Southwest Airlines Apologizes After Video Shows Woman Being Forcibly Removed From Plane

Southwest Airlines apologized today after a video made the rounds this week showing a passenger being forcefully removed from a plane.  [More]


Netflix Pulls Episode Of Children’s Show After Parents Complain About Phallic Image

Kids’ cartoons often have jokes or imagery included just to amuse the parents and babysitters forced to sit through countless replays in the company of a youngster. But some folks weren’t amused that one Netflix animated show included an image that looks very much like a crude sketch of male genitals. [More]


Walmart Says ‘Back-To-School’ Sign Should Not Have Been Posted Over Gun Case

The nation’s largest retailer says it is now trying to find out why a back-to-school promotional sign was posted on a rifle display case at one of its stores. [More]

Uber To Repay Customers Who Experienced Surge Pricing After London Attacks

Uber To Repay Customers Who Experienced Surge Pricing After London Attacks

Nearly three years ago, Uber received significant backlash after it charged surge prices during a hostage situation in Sydney, Australia, leading the company to refund riders for those trips. A similar situation is playing out in London after the ride-hailing service charged customers caught up in a recent terror attack more for rides to safety.  [More]

McDonald’s Sorry For Using Grieving Child To Sell Filet-O-Fish Sandwiches

McDonald’s Sorry For Using Grieving Child To Sell Filet-O-Fish Sandwiches

McDonald’s has apparently given up on the idea of associating its food with even moderately enjoyable moments in life. Instead, the fast food giant decided to go dark — like, really dark — for a recent ad that markets the chain’s fish sandwich as some sort of replacement for a dead father. [More]


Adidas Sorry About That “You Survived Boston Marathon” Email

While finishing any marathon is a feat worthy of a high-five, it’s not a good idea to sound like you’re making light of a terrorist attack that left three dead and hundreds injured. [More]


United CEO Says No One Will Be Fired Over Forced Removal Of Passenger

In the week since United Airlines made headlines when a ticketed passenger was aggressively hauled off his flight, the company has updated its crew travel policies to ensure passengers won’t get booted and compensated all travelers on the fateful fight. Now, the airline’s CEO says no employees will be fired over the incident. [More]

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Starbucks Customer Gets Mad At Barista, Returns With Apology Note & $50

Most stories we write about unhappy customers returning to the scene of their displeasure end badly — sometimes burn-down-the-building, drive-your-car-into-the-restaurant badly. So we’re relieved to bring you a tale of an angry Starbucks customer who came back to the coffee shop to apologize and compensate the barista she felt she’d wronged. [More]

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Southwest Passengers Recall Three-Day Nightmare Travel Experience

There are travel hiccups that keep passengers from getting to their destination by a few hours. And then there are ordeals that keep people in limbo for days. Case in point: a Southwest Airlines flight from the Dominican Republic to Atlanta that turned into a three-day real life nightmare.  [More]

A nursing woman claims that a United employee suggested she pump in the terminal's pet relief area. (@lizabethmeagher)

United Passenger Says Airline Suggested She Pump Breast Milk In Pet Relief Area

Over the years, airlines have been found to be less than welcoming when it comes to nursing mothers: a flight attendant shaming a women for breastfeeding during a flight or the carrier that made a mother check a bag containing her breast pump. That rocky relationship continued this week as a United Airlines passenger says she was instructed to use a “pet relief’ area for pumping purposes.  [More]

McDonald's appears to have imitated a viral photo series for a new Twitter campaign. The ads, which included this photo, have been taken down.

McDonald’s Apologizes After Couple Says Ad Campaign Ripped Off Their Viral Engagement Photos

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But what if that flattery comes in the form of the largest fast food restaurant copying your creative take on engagement photos for a national ad campaign? That’s what two artists have accused McDonald’s of doing, and now the Golden Arches is publicly apologizing. [More]

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Woman Says United Airlines Flight Attendant Shamed Her For Breastfeeding During Flight

For years now nursing mothers have encountered any number of displeased looks, rude remarks and requests to cover up. A Vancouver mother says she was the latest victim of such a run-in when a flight attendant on a United Airlines flight tossed a blanket to her husband in an attempt to get her to cover up.


How Will Tobacco Companies’ Ads Say Sorry To Americans?

Do you remember when your mom made you apologize to your brother for being mean and you just repeated what she said word-for-word? Did you actually mean any of it? No, didn’t think so. That appears to be the same case with a mock-up of the ad tobacco companies may use to apologize to consumers for hiding the dangers of tobacco. [More]

Judge To Madoff: Hope You Like The Look Of Cinder Blocks, Douchebag

Judge To Madoff: Hope You Like The Look Of Cinder Blocks, Douchebag

No more $7 million penthouse. Today was Madoff’s first full day at the Metropolitan Correction Center, where he’ll be spending some quality time while awaiting sentencing. ABCNews has some insights about the facility and its amenities.

POLL: GM Sorry It Disappointed You, Do You Forgive Them?

POLL: GM Sorry It Disappointed You, Do You Forgive Them?

General Motors took out an advertisement apologizing for “disappointing” consumers on Monday, asking your forgiveness for years of incompetance. Do you forgive them?

Sears "Takes Your Satisfaction Very Seriously" But Only If You're From Boston

Sears "Takes Your Satisfaction Very Seriously" But Only If You're From Boston

After WCVB in Boston did an investigation into Sears’ awful, awful customer service record when it comes to installation and repair of appliances (a category in which they used to excel), Sears has now apologized to its Boston customers.

American Airlines Apologizes to Passengers Stuck On A Plane For 9 Hours

We hope that apology comes with a check. —MEGHANN MARCO

How To Apologize, for Politicans and Companies Alike

From Brownlee’s neck of the woods — Dublin, Ireland’s industrial metropolis — we saw this article on issuing a good apology. Although primarily aimed at apologies issued by politicians, it should be taken as gospel by the hand waving, “We Understand Your Concern” PR gorgons we so actively loathe. We won’t sully Tom Savage’s points with any more forward commentary. Check it out: