Target Encourages Store-Wide Mayhem With Mario Kart Shopping Carts

Target Encourages Store-Wide Mayhem With Mario Kart Shopping Carts

In what seems like a great cross-promotion for the Nintendo Switch, but which stands a decent chance of ending in utter bedlam at hundreds of Target stores nationwide, the retailer has decided to dress up shopping carts as Mario Karts. [More]

Plastc Smart Cards Raise $9M In Pre-Orders, Won’t Ever Ship

Plastc Smart Cards Raise $9M In Pre-Orders, Won’t Ever Ship

A few years ago, universal payment cards were a mini-fad online. The idea was that you carried one “smart” card which stored the numbers of all of your other credit cards. The most popular was Coin, which was ultimately acquired by Fitbit and shut down. Another card was Plastc, which has brought in $9 million through pre-orders since 2014, but has yet to ship — and is now out of business [More]


Crack In The Subway Bubble? Number Of Locations Shrinks For First Time Ever

After years of growth, Subway is beginning to shrink. Sure, the chain remains the most popular eatery in the world (at least in terms of stores), with more locations than McDonald’s. However, the 100% franchised chain reported a net decrease in its number of stores in the United States this year for the first time ever. [More]

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Eastern Mountain Sports, Bob’s Purchased By UK Retailer Sports Direct

After their parent company went bankrupt twice in one year, sporting goods chains Bob’s and Eastern Mountain Sports have a new owner: Sports Direct, which already operates hundreds of stores in Europe and has had its eye on U.S. expansion for a while. [More]

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Consumerist Friday Flickr Finds

Here are seven of the best photos that readers added to the Consumerist Flickr Pool in the last week, picked for usability in a Consumerist post or for just plain neatness. [More]

Suave Pours Some Shampoo In A Different Bottle, Tries To Trick ‘Beauty Influencers’

Suave Pours Some Shampoo In A Different Bottle, Tries To Trick ‘Beauty Influencers’

Unilever has apparently noticed that some young women are more concerned about what ingredients aren’t in their beauty products and sneer at the items sold in drug stores and big-box stores. It has responded with a campaign where it tricks a diverse cast of online “beauty influencers” into trying a new product with sleek packaging for two weeks. That product? Rebottled Suave. [More]

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Department Store Departures Will Be Good For Malls In The Long Run

While the nationwide retail apocalypse has led to lost jobs and terrible liquidation sales, there’s one piece of good news for consumers and for the companies that own malls. As old-fashioned anchors like Sears and JCPenney move out, more diverse stores, restaurants, and entertainment venues are moving in, and they’re paying much higher rents. [More]


Should RadioShack Executives Get $1.4 Million In Bonuses? No, Say Creditors

When a company has filed for bankruptcy and is closing stores, should the leaders who helped it to get there be rewarded with bonuses? That question has come up in the proceedings for RadioShack’s second bankruptcy in just over two years, and the company’s creditors and court-appointed trustee have responded with a resounding “nope.” [More]


America Takes Out Its Frustrations On Starbucks’ Unicorn Frappuccino

When times are tough, it helps to have a punching bag on which you can safely take out your frustration. Whether it intended to or not, Starbucks has provided the world with a multicolored anger sponge: the Unicorn Frappuccino.


RadioShack Stops Caring, Brushes Off Profane Posts By Rogue Closed Store

RadioShack Stops Caring, Brushes Off Profane Posts By Rogue Closed Store

When RadioShack went bankrupt for the second time in two years and decided to close hundreds of stores, it forgot to do one important thing: Make sure the employees it fired didn’t have access to their stores’ social media accounts.

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Breach At Holiday Inn Owner InterContinental May Include More Than 1,000 Hotels, Not 12

InterContinental Hotels Group, which operates chains like Holiday Inn and Crowne Plaza, recently admitted that the payment systems in some of its restaurants and bars had been compromised, and released a list of 12 affected locations. It turns out that the list was short by well over 1,000. [More]

Wikipedia Editors Condemn Burger King For Edits Related To Google Home Stunt

Wikipedia Editors Condemn Burger King For Edits Related To Google Home Stunt

Not only did a recent Burger King ad try to hijack folks’ Google Home devices to shill for Whoppers, the fast food giant also apparently made marketing-friendly edits to the Whopper’s entry on Wikipedia. That’s a big no-no, and editors on the crowdsourced reference site are flame-broiling BK about it. [More]

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Bloomingdale’s Clerks Want Commissions On Showrooming, In-Store Pickup Sales

When a store employee helps you, and you go on to make your purchase from the same retailer’s website, should that employee receive a commission? The union representing clerks at the flagship Bloomingdale’s store in New York City says that they should, even if it isn’t clear on exactly how that would happen. [More]

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VA To Refer Some Vets To CVS MinuteClinics For Care

Veterans Administration, the VA and CVS have partnered for a test program that will have the pharmacy chain’s MinuteClinic urgent care centers treating some veterans for minor injuries and ailments. [More]

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Petsmart Adopts Pet Supplies Site

Big-box pet supply store PetSmart is expanding its presence in your pet’s life and in its food dish, acquiring the popular online pet supplies vendor [More]

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What Killed The Malls Of The ’70s & ’80s? Newer, Better Malls, Not Amazon

Why are American malls dying? Conventional wisdom often points the finger of blame at Amazon and a desire for shopping from home in your pajamas, but a new analysis claims that the real culprit is competition from newer, better malls that aren’t feeling the same pain as their withering forefathers. [More]


Bass Pro Shops Is Still Buying Cabela’s, But For Less Money

Since the $5.5 billion deal where Bass Pro Shops agreed to acquire Cabela’s was announced last October, a few things related to the deal have changed. Now the companies have announced that the deal is going forward, but at a price cut of $4 per share of Cabela’s, and the addition of a middleman in the sale of its credit card operations to Capital One. [More]


Why Are Roaches So Obsessed With The PlayStation 4?

If you haven’t experienced the problem yourself, you may not know that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is a magnet for cockroaches. While the presence of bugs is enough to make Sony refuse to work on your console, independent repair shops have the process of debugging a PS4 down. (Note: There are no pictures of roaches in this post, but we do discuss them.) [More]