Where Did The Target Prescription Bottles Everyone Loves So Much Come From, Anyway?

We didn’t realize how much affection consumers had for Target’s ClearRX prescription bottling system until the bottles went away after CVS purchased Target’s pharmacies. Maybe customers themselves didn’t realize how attached they were to those bottles until they consigned to memory, but with the CVS takeover of Target’s pharmacy business, they’re now gone. Why are people so attached to a prescription bottle, though? [More]


USDA Buying 11 Million Pounds Of Surplus Cheese For Food Pantries

Earlier this year, we shared the news that there’s too much cheese in this country: enough that every person in the United States would have to eat three pounds to get rid of it all. Instead of distributing it that way, the U.S. Department of Agriculture plans to distribute it to people in need of nutritious food through pantries and through its own programs. [More]


Diabetes Patients Are Losing Limbs And Sight Because They Can’t Afford Insulin

Earlier this week, we shared the concerns of patients who are struggling with the rising cost of EpiPens, injection devices that can save lives in the case of a severe allergic reaction to foods or other substances. The important thing about EpiPens, though, is that patients hope to never actually need to use them. Another drug with significant recent price increases, insulin, has to be taken every day… when patients can afford it. [More]


Best Buy Increasing Online Sales, Still Not Dead

A few years ago, it seemed like Best Buy was nothing more than a poorly decorated Amazon and Newegg showroom, and the business of big-box electronics stores was doomed. Sometimes, though, the popular wisdom isn’t true, and an electronics store that appears to be doomed can make a comeback. [More]


NLRB: Chipotle Wrong To Make Employee Delete Critical Tweets, Fire Him For Having PTSD

Do you have a right to complain about your job and your employer on social media? It might not be advisable for your career, but a recent National Labor Relations Board decision is that Chipotle was wrong to fire an employee for his Tweets about the company’s labor practices and because his manager feared that he may become violent. [More]

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Customers: CVS Takeover Erased Everything Good About Target Pharmacies

One of the reasons that Target gave for its poor performance during a recent earnings call was that stores may have lost some foot traffic because of “some disruptions” when the discount store sold its pharmacy business to CVS. We wondered what that meant, and asked if readers had experienced those “disruptions.” They had, but the bigger problem is something that Target’s executives may not have realized: people filled prescriptions there because they liked things that Target did differently. [More]

Citigroup And AT&T End Legal Feud Over Concept Of Thankfulness

Citigroup And AT&T End Legal Feud Over Concept Of Thankfulness

Wanting to thank and reward customers isn’t a new concept, but Citi and AT&T have spent the last few months in a legal feud over the idea of thankfulness. They’ve decided to end the legal feud, though, after a federal judge ruled that AT&T didn’t have to stop using the term for its rewards program while the two sides battled in court. [More]

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Ad Self-Regulation Body Refers Sprint’s ‘50% Off’ Campaign To FCC

It’s really hard to get complex ideas across during a 30-second television commercial. However, the National Adverting Division, which investigates ad claims for the industry’s self-regulation body, says that Sprint still isn’t really getting across the subtleties of its promotions for new customers switching from other carriers, and has referred the ads to the Federal Communications Commission. [More]

Costco Citi Card Users Receive Cancellation Notices, Are Very Confused

Costco Citi Card Users Receive Cancellation Notices, Are Very Confused

Costco, Citibank, Visa, and all of the companies’ customers had plenty of notice that the warehouse club’s store-branded credit card would be switching from American Express to a Citi Visa card. The transition didn’t go very smoothly for some members, but everyone assumed that the transition-related problems would be over by now. Nope. Some customers received cancellation notices at the end of last week, and are now very confused. [More]


SuperValu, Key Foods, Better Valu Frozen Corn Recalled For Possible Listeria Contamination

Did you think that you were safe from listeria-laden frozen vegetables simply because we haven’t shared news of any in a few months? Not so fast, person who enjoys vegetables! Here’s yet another recall, this one for veggies sold at SuperValu, Key Food, and Better Valu stores under private-label brands. The product in question is frozen cut corn. [More]


The Cost Of A Life-Saving EpiPen Has Increased 400% Since 2007

If you or someone in your family has severe allergies, the EpiPen is a familiar and essential product. Yet if you have good health insurance, what you may not know is that the cost of the pens has increased significantly since pharmaceutical giant Mylan acquired the drug in 2007. [More]

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Broncos And Mile High Stadium Take Back Naming Rights From Sports Authority

While pocket knives and parkas flew off the shelves at Sports Authority’s going out of business sales, and foosball table, desk chairs, and iMacs flew out of its former headquarters building through Craigslist ads, one of the bankrupt company’s assets didn’t sell: the naming contract for the field where the Denver Broncos play, which the chain had bought in 2011. It’s now official: the team and the stadium district have agreed to terms and effectively bought back the rights from the defunct retailer. [More]


Target Shoppers Aren’t ‘Cautious,’ They’re Shopping At Walmart

This week, both Target and Walmart released their quarterly financial results. Based on the results and executives’ comments on those reults, it’s almost like they’re from two different quarters or years entirely, or at least not from two discount stores that are generally close competitors. Maybe it’s not that shoppers are clutching their wallets or spending on home renovations instead of everyday home goods, a Target speculated. Maybe Target’s shoppers are just heading to Walmart more often. [More]


Judge Rejects $100 Million Settlement Proposal In Uber Drivers Class Action

The man who ended up as the named plaintiff in a lawsuit of Uber drivers in Califoria and Massachusetts is dissatisfied with the proposed settlement of $100 million to be shared among all class members, and it turns out that the judge in the case doesn’t approve of that offer, either. The judge in the case agrees with him, it turns out, and both sides have been sent back to negotiate a new settlement. [More]

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Consumerist Friday Flickr Finds

Here are nine of the best photos that readers added to the Consumerist Flickr Pool in the last week, picked for usability in a Consumerist post or for just plain neatness. [More]

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Eddie Bauer Removed Malware From Payment Systems In All Of Its Stores

In today’s spin of the Wheel of Cybercrime, the affected business is…Eddie Bauer, a clothing and housewares retailer with more than 350 stores across the country. The company confirmed today that its point of sale systems were infected with malware, which has now been removed, and customers’ payment card information may have been compromised. [More]

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9 Things We Learned About Walmart’s Relationships With Local Police

Walmart just shared its quarterly results with investors and with the world, and its sales and profits are up. Great news! Only a lot of the chain’s profits have come because of aggressive cost-cutting, and its cutbacks in security have meant increases in petty and violent crimes that can be a burden on local law enforcement. [More]

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Hey, Sprint Has Some New Unlimited Plans, Too

This morning, we shared the news that T-Mobile USA was doing away with the entire concept of mobile plans, and instead putting all postpaid users on plans with unlimited voice, messaging, and data. Competing small carrier and erstwhile merger partner Sprint doesn’t want to be left out, and announced its own unlimited plan today. [More]