Eric Arnold

VA Declares Veterans Dead When They Aren’t

When the U.S. Veterans Administration declares that someone is dead and stops their benefits, 99.83% of the time, that person really is dead. For the thousands of people that’s happened to in the last few years who weren’t dead, though, it’s awfully inconvenient to have the sprawling bureaucracy that they depend on for income and medical care declare that they were. [More]

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FDA: ‘Evaporated Cane Juice’ Is Just Sugar, Deal With It

What’s “evaporated cane juice”? It’s a sweetener produced from the liquid that comes out of sugar cane when you cut or shred it. However, the Food and Drug Administration notes that it’s also a term that food producers use in ingredients list to avoid using the word “sugar.” The FDA has had enough of this, and issued guidance telling food marketers that they need to just call ECJ what it is: sugar. [More]


Report: Walgreens Signed Theranos Deal Despite Problems With Tests

A few years ago, back when lab-testing startup Theranos was still a hot and revolutionary company valued at billions of dollars, the company signed a deal to put retail lab-testing clinics in Walgreens stores. Now, Walgreens employees are reportedly wondering whether they were too eager to sign on with the company without having an outside observer ensure that the tests are actually accurate. [More]


Want Extra Legroom Or To Sit With Your Kids? Airlines Say ‘Pay Up’

If you’ve booked airline seats for your family or for another group that wants to sit together recently, you might have noticed how few seats were available to you if you’re not an elite member of a loyalty program. It’s not just you: airlines are making changes so that the privilege of deciding where to sit is reserved only for big-spending customers, or travelers willing to pay up for the privilege. [More]

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More Customers Say Kay Jewelers Swapped Out Their Diamonds For Fake Or Worse Ones

At Kay Jewelers, a popular mall chain and part of global mediocre jewelry corporate Voltron Signet Jewelers, owners of expensive diamond or gemstone jewelry can get a lifetime diamond or color gemstone guarantee, as long as they bring their jewelry for inspection every six months. Yet some brides who have tried to invoke the guarantee say that their stones were switched out during repairs, when they were in Kay’s possession. [More]

Dunkin’ Donuts Introduces More Co-Branded Sugar Bombs With Almond Joy And Heath Coffees

Dunkin’ Donuts Introduces More Co-Branded Sugar Bombs With Almond Joy And Heath Coffees

For those of us who grew up starting our day with a bowl of Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs, a big sugar rush might be how we need to start to the day. Fortunately, Dunkin’ Donuts will always be here for us, and they have yet another brand-synergized sugar and caffeine bomb for us to try. This time, they’ve partnered with Hershey’s to create Almond Joy and Heath flavored coffees. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Here’s What You Should Remember Before Hitting Sports Authority’s Store-Closing Sales Today

Your inner bargain-hunter may have heard the news that Sports Authority’s liquidation sales in hundreds of stores across the country begin today. That doesn’t mean that you should run out and gather up workout clothes and sports gear right away, though, unless you have a gift card to use up, since it will only be valid through June 26 June 28. That’s because of the strange way that liquidation sales work, where the prices on everything are hiked up before they’re brought back down. [More]


Best Buy Defies Everyone’s Expectations, Is Mysteriously Not Dead

Over the last few years, Best Buy has taken the internet’s snide jokes about using its stores as an Amazon showroom, listened to them, and then stubbornly refused to go out of business. Best Buy calls its results this quarter “better than expected,” which is true, but their continuing existence is also “better than expected.” It’s the last national big-box electronics retailer standing, with $39.5 billion in revenue during the fiscal year that ended in January 2016 and growing online sales. [More]

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There’s $92.5 Million In Outstanding Sports Authority Gift Cards: Use Yours Before June 28

We have no idea why you would want to buy a gift card to Sports Authority right now. The big-box sports retailer, with 460 stores across the country, filed for bankruptcy earlier this year and is liquidating and closing all of its stores starting on Wednesday. If you did want to buy one, today is the last day, and the stores will stop accepting gift cards on June 26 June 28. [More]

Scott Lynch

How Flood Insurance Failed Superstorm Sandy Victims When Their Homes Actually Flooded

It’s difficult to think of natural disasters as a business, but ultimately they are. More than three years ago, Superstorm/Hurricane Sandy hit heavily populated parts of the East Coast. We’re a wealthy country, though, with a robust national flood insurance program, plenty of disaster aid, and a can-do spirit. All of the people driven out of their homes have rebuilt or received settlements and moved on, right? No. [More]

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Apple Isn’t Going To Become A Mobile Carrier After All

Last year, Apple denied reports that it was testing mobile phone service, planning to become a mobile virtual network operator, or re-seller of service from a major carrier’s network. By doing that, Apple could sell phones and service to customers directly all over the world, cutting out customers’ direct relationships with carriers. [More]


This Is Probably Office Depot’s Top-Secret ‘Store Of The Future’

After the United States government stood in their way and disrupted their union, Staples and Office Depot broke their year-long engagement earlier this month, deciding not to merge. Now they need to figure out how to go forward and move on as two separate office-supply companies. In Florida, a newly remodeled store offers a hint about Office Depot’s future. [More]

Thomas Hawk

6 Things We Learned From A New Interview With Men’s Wearhouse Founder George Zimmer

Men’s Wearhouse founder and longtime CEO George Zimmer is a familiar face from appearing in his company’s commercials for decades, and now he’s trying to figure out how to take the company he started back. Would the existing suit and tuxedo rental businesses mesh well with his online tux-rental and tailor-dispatching companies? A private Men’s Wearhouse (or holding company Tailored Brands, as it’s now known) wouldn’t have to answer to crowds of shareholders, but would have a lot of debt to pay down. [More]

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It Doesn’t Matter How Close The Supermarket Is If It’s Closed When You Get Home

We often hear about food deserts, or areas where people have limited access to stores that sell nutritious food. However, there’s more to it than simply looking at a map and checking how close to the nearest grocery store someone lives. There’s also the important question of what that store’s hours are. How easy is it for residents to get there, and how easy is it for residents with irregular schedules, multiple jobs, or limited transportation options? [More]

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Defendant: Geek Squad Employee Was Paid FBI Informant, Searched Devices Illegally

A doctor in California claims that there are real secret agents in the Geek Squad, and that a paid FBI informant turned him in after finding suspicious material on his hard drive in 2012. While the FBI doesn’t deny that the Geek Squad employee did contact them about the contents of the defendant’s hard drive and that they did pay him, the Bureau insists that it didn’t employ informants working in the Geek Squad repair center to comb users’ computers for porn. [More]

CVS Will End Yard-Long Receipts (For Rewards Program Members)

CVS Will End Yard-Long Receipts (For Rewards Program Members)

Five years ago, a CVS representative explained that the reason why the pharmacy chain keeps printing such long receipts for customers is that customers like it. Maybe the public’s preferences have changed since 2011, since the chain officially announced today that it’s getting rid of the lengthy coupon-filled receipt streamers, and pre-loading coupons to customers’ rewards program cards instead. [More]


6 Months Later, No One Knows Why My Ticket Home From Nairobi Was Canceled

When traveling, sometimes you wish you could stay in your destination forever… or at least for another week to enjoy it more. A woman from Pennsylvania extended her trip to Kenya last year by an extra week, but not because she was having such a wonderful time. Her return tickets had been mysteriously canceled, and no one could tell her why it had happened. [More]

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Massive Frozen Vegetable Recall May Not Be So Bad Because People Cook Vegetables

Have you gone through all of the frozen vegetables and packaged food in your house to ensure that they aren’t on the list of items potentially contaminated by Listeria in an outbreak dating back to 2013? Yeah, me either, and I don’t even have a lot of frozen vegetables. That’s what public health officials are worried about: that people won’t check their freezers and could get sick years from now, with Listeria monocytogenes, a foodborne illness that is especially dangerous. [More]