Dear God: Comcast To Consider Partnering With Ticketmaster

When you read about the proposed Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger, you might have thought to yourself, “Sure, this would be a merger between the world’s largest ticketing company and the largest concert promoter, but I think it could be more horrifying.” Comcast apparently agrees, as they’re considering getting in on the merger.

Bloomberg News has the story from two anonymous sources familiar with the talks. Although nobody at Comcast, Ticketmaster, or the Justice Department is commenting, the speculation is that Comcast would partner with Ticketmaster in exchange for revenues from ticketing software and client contracts.

The prospect of having to deal with Comcast and Ticketmaster to see a concert or sporting event is upsetting enough, but the sickest part of this story is that the Comcast partnership is apparently being considered to alleviate antitrust concerns that the Justice Department might have about the Ticketmaster/Live Nation merger.

We’ll keep you updated on any future developments (maybe AT&T or MLB would like to be a part of this?)

Comcast Said to Work with Ticketmaster, Live Nation [Bloomberg]
(Photo: The Searcher)