1 Million Maclaren Strollers Recalled After 12 Finger Amputations

Following 12 reports of accidental finger amputation, stroller company Maclaren is recalling 1 million strollers. Every single Maclaren stroller sold since 1999 is included in the recall.

The safety concern arises over the side hinge that expands and contracts when the stroller is opened and closed. The company plans on sending safety covers to stroller owners.

There hasn’t been an official one but the CPSC is expected to make one tomorrow.

It’s important to make sure that children are a safe distance away from the stroller when you’re opening and closing it. And to, you know, stop opening or closing it if you hear a high-pitch screaming.

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Stroller maker Maclaren to recall 1 million strollers on concerns children can cut fingers off [New York Daily News via Consumer Reports Safety Blog]