Yankees Fans Celebrate Championship By Giving Away Your Private Information

In case the unlimited payroll, overpriced stadium, and everything else weren’t enough, here’s another reason to dislike the Yankees: their celebratory parades are havens for white collar crime.

At last Friday’s championship celebration parade, featuring World Series MVP Sean Carter, Yankee fans, apparently lacking confetti, flung documents containing sensitive personal information into the air.

According to Fox 5 New York, “Some of the documents were medical records listing names, addresses, insurance information, medical diagnoses, and other private information. One document was somebody’s stock brokerage account, containing financial information.”

Sure, it’s not technically the Yankees’ fault, but when your owner is a convicted felon, disrespect for the law will trickle down to the fans.

Private Documents Tossed on Yankees Parade [Fox 5 New York]
(Photo: frankieleon)


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  1. Cameraman says:

    My favorite flavor of Haterade is Sour Grape. It tastes SO GOOD.

    • TurnkeyDB says:

      @Cameraman: Red Sox fans.

      • Burning pakalolo not even noticing the weather says:

        @yodel: with pride! I was drinking that haterade by the gallons on Friday as I had to walk through the parade of idiots to get to work. And I wore my Trot nixon jersey, my red sox hat and my llbean tote bag that i had put a redsox patch on years ago. And if anyone said anything to me I was going to drop their ass in a heartbeat. I HATE THE YANKEES

  2. diasdiem says:

    The parade was of course sponsored by freecreditreport.com

  3. GitEmSteveDave_OverSleptThisMorn says:

    Well, to be fair, their owner is a person suffering from Alzheimer’s, as well.

    Thankfully, though, NYC is the land of a thousand lawyers, so this shouldn’t be that hard to track down and sue up. I did hear that when this report aired, a moan of pleasure came out of Andrew Cuomo’s office.

  4. gparlett says:

    Okay, I guess I don’t really understand how a ticker tape parade works. Who provides the confetti? Is it the team, the city of New York? The article really makes it sound like the people attending the parade were making and throwing their own confetti, if this is the case, what’s the big deal? If I want to throw my 2005 tax returns at some baseball players and the city has waived the littering laws for the day then I’m only hurting myself. … on the other hand I guess that some office worker could have just grabbed a stack of papers of his desk and threw them during the parade, at that point I would think we’d need to investigate the company that employed that office worker. I

    • Taed says:

      @gparlett: It’s called a “ticker tape” parade because traditionally, the left-over ticker tape was thrown out the windows. Ticker tape was what a ticker tape machine would print out the current stock prices on; it was basically a fancy telegraph. It probably hasn’t been used in 30 years or so. So, no one has ticker tape, so stock brokerage statements are the next best thing!

    • H3ion says:

      @gparlett: It used to be the Department of Sanitation and the total weight of the tape thrown was important. A President got so much, a Pope, so much, personalities a bit less. It was carefully measured so that some bozo didn’t more garbage thrown on him than he was entitled to. One of the biggest was John Glenn when he orbited the Earth. If you watch the movie “The Right Stuff” they reproduce the parade and it’s pretty much the way it was.

  5. Miraluka says:

    Would’ve been easy enough to write this article in an unbiased fashion, you know, like an actual writer. But it’s more fashionable to show some serious Yankee hate instead.

    “disrespect for the law will trickle down to the fans.”

    Acting as though you’ve never done anything stupid. You might as well just say “everybody in New York is dumb” and pretend like it’s fact.

    Get off your high horse and your spectator sports jealousy and bitterness. This isn’t the venue for it.

    • The Porkchop Express says:

      @Miraluka: I always thought consumerist was in/from NY.

    • pop top says:

      @Miraluka: I am seriously sick and tired of all the jokes on this website. Blogging isn’t supposed to be fun. This is their job and they’re treating it like a joke! Last week they made fun of Target’s pricing errors, and this week they’re making fun of the Yankees and their fans. WHEN WILL IT END?

    • Eyebrows McGee (now with double the baby!) says:

      @Miraluka: My team hasn’t won a championship since before there were communists, and I love me a good Cubbies joke.

      The only thing worse than a sore loser is a sore winner.

    • rhobite says:

      @Miraluka: This comment proves once again that Yankee fans have absolutely no sense of humor.

  6. pecan 3.14159265 says:

    At last Friday’s championship celebration parade, featuring World Series MVP Sean Carter (left)

    When I read “Sean Carter (left)” I immediately looked to the left, like I would for a regular news article. Therefore, the raccoon is actually World Series MVP Sean Carter.

    That said, no one can take responsibility for stupid people except the people themselves. How stupid do you actually have to be in order to toss sensitive documents as confetti? I mean, if you’re that desperate to litter, at least run the papers through cross-cut shredders first!

    Maybe that’ll be the newest product to show up in the Yankees gift shop – cross-cut shredders with the Yankees logo.

  7. Yoko Broke Up The Beatles says:

    I guess the Yankees’ lack of previous championships makes the fans wacky when they finally do win one?

    Wait, what’s that? 26 times before this year? My bad.

  8. rpm773 says:

    Next week we’ll hear of an inverse correlation between Yankees World Series wins and federal indictments of white collar criminals due to “disappearing” documents.

  9. Smashville says:

    Who is Sean Carter?

  10. ben gardners boat says:

    Why do people get so offended when a sports team is the butt of some jokes/jabs? Are you on the team? Do you own the team? Is anyone on the team actually from your city?

    I’ll admit that I enjoy sports and rooting my city’s teams, but I could care less when someone tries to drag me into some stupid rivalry/argument about it.

    Besides all that, it’s fun to pick on the successful teams. Who’s gona take any joy in making fun of the Clippers?

  11. Colonel Jack O'Neill says:

    3 words,
    cross cut shredder.

    Isn’t it a federal offense to give out medical records, the name of the company should be on the documents, so then they should get fined for doing that.

    And everyone who throw personal documents should get fined also.

  12. mattman0726 says:

    If I recall, this happened the last time the Yankees won the World Series back in 2000. For me, it’s just another reason to hate the Yankees . . . GO SOX!!

  13. Blueskylaw says:

    Here is Steinbrenner’s Petition for Pardon.


  14. mbd says:

    Is anybody actually in charge of The Consumerist? While there may be a actual Consumerist story buried in here somewhere, what we got is worst kind of blogging, where innuendo and irrelevant information masquerades as reporting.

    It is irrelevant to this story that George Steinbrenner was convicted of donating too much money to Nixon’s campaign 35 years ago. He served his time, and has since been pardoned, and it has nothing to do with some unknown third parties who disposed of confidential information in an insecure manner.

    It is irrelevant to this story how much the Yankees pay their players. Including this when it is clear that the Yankees were not responsible for the issue at hand serves only to attempt to degrade the Yankee organization for the action of others.

    It is irrelevant to this story how much Yankee stadium cost to build. The story is not about Yankee stadium, or any action taken by the New York Yankees. Including this serves no purpose other than to again degrade the Yankee organization for the action of others.

    Same for the design and politics of the new stadium. Nothing to do with the story at hand.

    Personally, I am offended that the Consumers Union allowed this biased piece of crap to be published, and I intend to let them know directly.

  15. crimsonfury says:

    Steinbrenner puts the money back into his team which is why he can afford to buy the tallent.

    And where does that money come from? The fans.

    So far that formula has been working pretty well, id say, as yankees have one of the largest fanbases in teamsports.

  16. PsiCop says:

    I disagree with commenters that this is not a story that should concern consumers. It can, and it should. Privacy breaches are all too common these days (e.g. this one) in spite of all such cases being totally preventable, with proper procedures and controls in place.

    In this case the workers knew full well what they were throwing, but they threw it anyway. They were too caught up in the excitement, though, to care. And that simply is not a sufficient excuse. Time and again we hear about companies and government agencies failing to treat people’s private and confidential information as private and confidential … in spite of regulations and laws requiring them to do so.

    As for the “Yankees” angle, that is superfluous to the story. That Big Daddy Steinbrenner was once a felon (he was pardoned, so he can’t really be called one now) is also not relevant. But neither of these things means this story should not be of interest to consumers. It should, and we should be angry about it. That the story has a Yankees angle, and that this was done by what appear to be Yankees fans, does not mean that other Yankees fans should be defending this impermissible breach of privacy and condemning the report in its entirety.