These Places Are So Cheap They May Actually Allow You To Retire There

U.S. News & World Report names the 10 “Best Affordable Places To Retire.”

Using criteria such as cost of living, public transportation and cheap entertainment, the magazine deemed the following cities the 10 best places to spend your golden years:

*Ann Arbor, Michigan

*Asheville, North Carolina

*Aurora, Colorado

*Columbia, South Carolina

*Columbus, Ohio

*Eugene, Oregon

*Fort Worth, Texas

*Jacksonville, Florida

*Kansas City, Missouri

*Tucson, Arizona

As a resident of Tucson, I can vouch for its retiree-friendliness. Houses cost about as much as tacos, there’s a golf course every square mile and we have a lovely selection of buffets that are open at 4 p.m. Plus we also boast University of Arizona basketball games, which allow old folks to call security when young whippersnappers sitting in front of them are foolish enough to stand up and cheer rather than sit down.

America’s Best Affordable Places to Retire [U.S. News & World Report]
(Photo: Nykoh)