Brace Yourself For Tonight's DTV Transition

Analog television broadcasts end tonight at 11:59 PM. Are you ready? Are you tired of hearing about this yet? If you’ve put off buying a digital converter box, or you want to use the transition as an excuse to buy a shiny new TV, Consumer Reports is here to show you how to choose the awesomest model you can find.

If you need a converter box, the converter buying guide shows you what to look for, and they’ve tested and rated many common models. I tried to find links to purchase some of the recommended models online, but, as Consumer Reports also notes, many are out of stock.

Consumer Reports subscribers can check out ratings and recommended models of new TVs, and for everyone else, here’s a handy educational film we can use to learn more about what to look for in a modern TV. (Handy if, like me, you haven’t shopped for TVs since the mid-’90s.) Because the sales staff probably aren’t going to help all that much.

Digital TV Transition Hub [Consumer Reports]
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