Meet The New iPhone, Not Quite The Same As The Old iPhone

Another year, another iPhone. Next up to drive early adopters furious is the newly announced iPhone 3G S, which opens applications faster, goes easier on the battery, packs a sharper camera, records video, includes voice control and adds a compass that points to the inevitable reality that Apple will announce a fourth iPhone next year.

The third rendition of Apple’s “it” device, which the company revealed Monday at the WWDC Keynote, comes out June 19. A 16GB model will cost $399 ($199 if you’re eligible for a subsidized upgrade with an AT&T contract extension) and the 32GB 3G S will be $499 ($299 with an upgrade). Plus an $18 upgrade fee. Good news for holdouts who don’t need the freshest iPhones in their pockets: the suddenly obsolete iPhone 3G has dipped to $99 with a subsidized upgrade.

Unfortunately for Verizon customers, Apple said nothing at the press conference about breaking the AT&T exclusivity shackle that remains in place until next year.

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