Range Rover Protests Its Own Existence Outside Dealership

Sure, if you’re dissatisfied with your vehicle, you could complain to the company. You could write to Consumerist, or even start your own Web site. Or you could park it in front of the dealership that it came from, with a list of the vehicle’s flaws and a warning to potential buyers plastered on in vinyl letters. A man in Colchester, England did just that.

Large yellow vinyl letters along one side of the car read: ëIf you want trouble free motoring do not buy one of these!!!’

On the side and rear windows it lists: ëProblems with . . . 6 front ball joints, 4 front arm bushes, new seat base, front and rear n/s [nearside] struts, full n/s suspension unit, anti-roll bar bushes, air con.’

Arguably, the customer’s first mistake was paying £50,000 ($81,496) for a car, but never mind that. The dealership can’t move the car since it isn’t on their property. The stunt got their attention, and now the dealership is trying to get the disgruntled customer into a new—and one hopes less problematic—car.

Rover’s revenge: Furious driver dumps his £50,000 Range Rover outside showroom… emblazoned with a list of its ‘faults’ [Daily Mail]

(Photo: peterbmorris)