Redbox Starts To Wean Customers Off Free Movie Mondays

A few readers contacted us, with tears in their eyes, to let us know that Redbox is ending their “Free Movie Mondays” promotion as we know it. Redbox kiosks, which seemingly sprouted overnight in every grocery store in the country a few years ago, let you rent newly-released DVDs for $1 per day. The free movie promotion sent a free rental code out every Monday in an e-mail or text message. After May 11, new codes will only be issued once per month, ending in August.

Why the change? Well, people are used to using the machines now, which was the point. Plus, the proliferation of code-sharing sites like Inside Redbox means that having fewer codes in circulation in general might help their bottom line.

Originally, the company planned to end the program entirely on the 11th, but it will continue in monthly code form for the rest of the summer. Whew.

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(Photo: saaby)