Domino's: Eat Your Pasta. In A Bread Bowl.

The booger-tainted pizza chain has taken this opportunity to introduce their newest food innovation. Pasta… in a bread bowl! Just in case there aren’t enough carbs in pasta… why not eat the bowl it comes in?

From AOL:

The new penne pasta dishes — served in bread bowls — are available in six flavors: chicken carbonara, Italian sausage marinara, chicken alfredo, pasta primavera, three cheese mac-n-cheese and a “build your own” pasta. The build-your-own option lets diners choose up to three ingredients from Domino’s pizza toppings.

AOL’s article about the new menu offering was riddled with references to the YouTube food tainting episode, which makes us wonder why they didn’t delay the launch of this carb-bomb a few weeks. Oh well, that’s why we’re not the PR experts, right?

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