Is Tentacle Grape Soda Real? Because Their Shipment Dates Aren't

Really, grape soda with a tentacle hentai theme (don’t Google it if you’re not sure what we’re talking about, especially if you’re at work) just makes sense. Sex-starved tentacled monsters getting it on with anime vixens just cries out to be packaged as a grape drink and sold. But one reader, Lincoln, says he bought his own 6-pack of the drink back at the start of the year and has yet to see it.

Hello, I just wanted to let you guys know what’s up with this Tentacle Grape soda. I preordered a 6-pack of the soda January 3rd and shipping was supposed to start later the same month. On Feb 14th, I received an email letting me know my ordered had been shipped, hooray!

I checked the USPS tracking they had given me the following Monday and USPS said they hadn’t received the package yet, but that the tracking info had been sent to them. Later that week I checked the tracking info and it still says that USPS had not received my package. Whatever, it seemed like a smaller company so I figured I’d give them some slack.

Over the next few weeks, I kept checking the tracking info and USPS still hadn’t received the package. It is now nearly a month after I was told my order was shipped and USPS tracking shows the same info.

I did some research and can’t find anyone who has received their order. Couldn’t find pics of it online, no reviews. I found 1 tweet from a jpkeith who sounds like he had a similar experience: “all laughter that would be evoked by tentacle grape soda is now gone, birthdays are over, and it’s been lost in the mail for a month.”

Their website doesn’t list any contact info, but does have a feedback page. I have left them several messages (yesterday asking how I could get a refund) and have yet to get a response back. I have the feeling that I’ve been scammed, as well as anyone who ordered this fun sounding, but possibly nonexistent product.

We’ve left some “feedback” for them via their online form asking what’s up.