Do Not Hide An Engagement Ring In A Frosty And Then Hold An Eating Contest

Reed Harris wanted a memorable proposal — but he probably should have thought his plan through a little better. He hid an engagement ring in his girlfriend’s Wendy’s Frosty — and then he and his friends challenged her to a race to see who could eat their Frosty first. What could go wrong?

“I mean, I was taking huge bites and swallowing,” Kaitlin wrote. “There was no tasting at all. I get to the end and everyone starts staring at me with this weird, worried look on their face, and I have no clue what is going on around me.”

Yeah, she ate the ring. This is the exact thing that I picture happening whenever people try to replicate jewelry commercial proposals. If anyone ever wants to marry me, they should just ask. Don’t hide anything in my food.

For those of you who are worried, the ring “arrived” safe and sound after a little prune juice and fiber.

New Mexico woman accidentally swallows ring during marriage proposal [News2]