Pediatric Dentist Sues Parents Over Negative Yelp Review

California dentist Yvonne Wong has sued two parents who complained in a review on Yelp that their child received mercury fillings and left Wong’s office feeling light-headed from laughing gas. Wong claims “it never occurred to her to contact the boy’s parents” before filing her libel suit, although the dentist clearly doesn’t have the best counsel. Her lawyer also tried to sue Yelp, apparently unaware that web sites publishing third-party content are protected under federal law.

Wong said she had no choice but to also sue Yelp because the company refused to take the review down. In the posting, the author, “T.J.,” complained that the boy was “light headed” after a filling because Wong gave him laughing gas, and that she used fillings containing mercury.

Wong’s attorney, John Terbeek of San Leandro, said the boy’s parents should have known about the mercury because they signed a consent form disclosing it.

Despite asking for damages, Wong claims that she is “not looking for money.” The pediatric dentist has a one-star review on Yelp.

Dentist sues over negative Yelp review [The San Francisco Chronicle]
(Photo: Super*Junk)