GM's 'Employee Pricing' Sales Mean Big Discounts On Cars Right Now

GM is desperate to boost its sales this month, so the company is offering some steep discounts under its “Employee Pricing” sale. The car blog KickingTires is covering the discounts and points out that “almost all of the prices are around 10% off, which is big in terms of car sales.” For example, you can save $9,000 on a Hummer H3. Of course, you’ll spend that much on gas for it in the first week, but there are other options as well, like Saturns, Chevys, and even the 2008 Corvette Z06 (which we mention separately because KickingTires says powerful sports cars are usually exempt from this sort of sale, but not this time).

Maybe you should tap into your home’s equity and buy a couple while they’re so affordable! Ha ha, we kid.

“Incentives: GM Employee Pricing Sale” [KickingTires]
(Photo: Getty)