Here’s How Macy’s Is Trying To Lure Shoppers

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Despite the closure of dozens of stores and an all-but-dead takeover deal, Macy’s isn’t quite ready to throw in the ol’ retail towel. Instead, the company is focusing on the future, implementing new services, revamping store features, and revising coupons in a bid to bring in shoppers. reports that the retailer has begun to experiment with several service and layout changes that could drum up business, while being mindful of rivals’ disastrous changes — think JCPenney’s “no sale or discount” era.

Bargain Finds
At at least one store in Cincinnati, Macy’s has moved all of its clearance items to a dedicated “Last Act” section.

Here, customers will find bargain deals of up to 85% off the original cost. By moving all of the clearance items to one area, the company believes it will make it easier for customers to determine which products are deeply discounted, and where coupons can be applied. Hint: Coupons do not apply to items in the Last Act section.

Coupon Changes
As for overall coupons, reports that Macy’s is looking to revamp the terms of its coupons.

Instead of offering coupons that come with a percentage off certain categories or brands, they will now come with dollar-off amounts, ranging from $10 to $15 off.

The move to straight coupons isn’t exactly a surprise. Higher-end brands have cut back on offering such deals in recent years.

For example, Michael Kors pulled back on its department store presence starting last month, noting that it would stop participating in department stores’ “friends and family sales,” and stop offering coupons.

In Aug. 2016, Coach said it would focus less on promotional sales at departments stores and more on selling items at full price.

Despite the possible coupon changes, reports that CEO Jeff Gennette told analysts earlier this month that the retailer will always be a “promotional department store.”

Self-Serve Shoes
Perhaps taking a page out of retailers who aren’t faring so badly — TJMaxx and other off-discount stores — Macy’s is also revamping its shoe department.

Instead of offering a traditional shoe department where an employee runs to the back room to pick out requested shoes, some stores are turning to self-serve shoe departments, where boxes are located under shoe displays. notes that the change could help cut staff costs and provide customers with quicker access to shoes.

More Store-Within-A-Store Locations
Macy’s has long rented out space inside its stores to other retailers, including Best Buy, Sunglass Hut, and Lenscrafters.

Gennette told investors recently that the store-within-a-store model has been a “home run” for the retailer, as they generate additional foot traffic and sales.

Additionally, while Macy’s has already announced the closure of 68 stores this year and another 34 or so in the future, the retailer is opening locations of its other concepts, such as its off-price Backstage store and its spa company Bluemercury.

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