First BPA Class Action Lawsuit Announced!

It begins! A woman in California, no doubt under the expert legal advice of people who only have her best interests at heart, has filed a lawsuit against Nalgene alleging that they “knew, but downplayed risks, that a toxic substance in its popular… plastic sports bottles could leach into the bottles’ contents and sicken consumers.” The woman says she used Nalgene bottles for herself and her two daughters for years.

“They address the issue of BPA in their bottles (on their Web site); they cite the (Food and Drug Administration) stating that they see no problem with it. The problem is they didn’t cite the many other studies that show there is a risk and there is a great concern about the issue,” attorney Harold Hewell, who represents Felix-Lozano, said.

The lawsuit does not describe any physical ailment suffered by the plaintiffs and seeks unspecified damages.

“Nalgene sports bottle maker sued over toxic claims” [Reuters]
(Photo: Getty)