Walmart, Nalgene To Cut Back On Bisphenol A

Reacting to the news that Canada may classify Bisphenol A as a heath hazard, and following a new report from the U.S. National Toxicology Program that suggested BPA may “cause behavioral changes in infants and children and trigger the early onset of puberty in females,” Walmart announced yesterday that it would suspend the sales of all baby products that contain the chemical.

From the Washington Post:

Wal-Mart has sold BPA-free baby bottles for several years alongside bottles with the chemical. But yesterday was the first time the retailer indicated it would convert its entire U.S. stock.

“We are working hard to expand our BPA-free offerings,” Wal-Mart spokesman Nick Agarwal wrote in an e-mail.

Popular water bottle manufacturer Nalgene told the NYT that it would offer BPA-free alternatives due to market pressure:

“Based on all available scientific evidence, we continue to believe that Nalgene products containing BPA are safe for their intended use,” a company official said in a statement quoted by the New York Times. “However, our customers indicated they preferred BPA-free alternatives, and we acted in response to those concerns.”

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