Top Posts Of The Week

Sprint To Customer: “Are You Nucking Futs?”
“Reader Pam asked Jessica if she could port her landline to her mobile account, prompting the Sprint CSR to respond: “No, are you nucking futz?””

What Happens When You Pay Your $0.19 Amex Bill With 7 Origami Checks?
“I didn’t want them to accidentally drop one, and I was still in a bad mood, so I folded the first check up. Then the second. Then I realized I could fold them all up… around each other.”

PHOTO: Dell Breaks Your Laptop, Sends Replacement Full Of Pubes
“Reader K’s call to Dell tech support for his laptop resulted in the tech helping him break a different computer, then sending him a replacement laptop full of human pubic hair.”

Sears Refuses To Refund $1070 For TV They Never Delivered
“They were never able to deliver it, however, so finally Tom arranged for a similar discount on another TV and bought that one instead. Now it’s four and half months later, and Sears still won’t remove the charge for the original out-of-stock TV from Tom’s Sears Card.”

Wal-Mart Holds Your Credit Card and ID Hostage When You Complain
“When Steve said he’d call corporate about their ID checking policy, the cashier refused to hand back Steve’s credit card or ID until Steve spoke to an in store CSM. That’s right, after he complained, the cashier held his credit card hostage.”