Amazon Wine Marketplace Closing Dec. 31

Image courtesy of johndegree

If you buy wine through the Amazon Wine marketplace, you might want to stock up: The e-commerce giant will close its online wine store Dec. 31. 

TechCrunch reports that Amazon notified wine sellers of the impending closure in emails this week, noting that it will shutter the platform and final orders must be placed by Dec. 31.

The demise of Amazon Wine came after the retailer faced issues related to how alcohol is sold and marketed.

Since launching Amazon Wine in 2012, Amazon has increased its focus on the beverage: First by selling it through its Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service, and then by ferrying it to homes in just a few hours with Prime Now.

More recently, the company acquired Whole Foods, and along with it, the grocery chain’s wine sales.

As a result, it became difficult for the company to both sell its own drinks as a retailer and operate a separate wine marketplace online for third-parties, TechCrunch reports.

In the end, the company had to decide where to put its focus, and naturally, its wine business won out.

Despite closing Amazon Wine, the company will continue to offer wine through its Prime Now and Amazon Fresh services.

Amazon Wine was launched with the intention of providing customers with curated wines for any occasion. The platform offered a plethora of wines from around the U.S. ranging from $10 to $100 per bottle, with shipping up to six bottles for a flat fee of $9.99.

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