Safelite “Not Cool” With SNL’s Spoof Ad About Stalker Safelite Tech

This weekend’s Saturday Night Live featured a parody ad for Safelite AutoGlass — the company that heavily markets its ability to fix your broken windshield wherever your car is parked. And the folks at Safelite say they weren’t too amused at SNL’s portrayal of one of their techs as a creepy stalker.

The SNL clip, which can be watched below, features cast member Beck Bennett — done up, perhaps coincidentally, to look a lot like Howie Mandel — as the Safelite tech who responds to a mother and daughter who need their cracked windshield repaired while the teen daughter plays in her high school basketball game.

The first successful fix concludes with the Safelite guy being a little too interested in the outcome of the game, and is followed by subsequent repair visits, including two windshield replacements during the course of one basketball game, and an instance where the tech refers to the 17-year-old daughter as “basically a full woman.”

The mom eventually deduces that the tech has been the one breaking the windshields just so he can replace them. After he pleads to the daughter, “You don’t feel this, what’s happening between us?” and is immediately rejected, the mom slams his head into her minivan and speeds off.

Whatever you thought of the sketch, the folks at Safelite weren’t terribly thrilled, and let the world know in a series of increasingly irritated Tweets:

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