Launching “Uniquely J” House Brand Targeting Millennials

Walmart already has a slew of house brands that it sells in stores and on, but rather than try to sell brands like Great Value or Sam’s Choice through its recently acquired, the company is coming up with new house brands specifically for Jet that it hopes will appeal to a younger buyer.

Walmart’s will soon launch a house brand, dubbed “Uniquely J,” in the next few months with the aim of attracting more millennial customers.

House brands — like Walmart’s own Great Value or Whole Foods’ 365 — typically offer customers similar products to name-brand items at a lower price.

Targeting Millennials

A rep for the company tells Consumerist that the brand, which will debut in the “coming months,” is designed for “metro millennials.”

While it’s unclear how the company is targeting millennials with products like soap, olive oil, paper towels, and household items, the rep says that Uniquely J will focus on quality and design of products.

For instance, the products will come in custom “bold” packaging with illustrations by artists and witty labels.

The brand’s coffee — Badass Espresso — comes in a bag decorated in a black and grey design featuring a skull. The bag also comes with Jet’s “J” logo along with the product’s name. Uniquely J’s version of Ziploc bags — called double seal snack bags — come in a box featuring cartoons and words like “emergency snack kit,” “nom nom,” and “on the go-go.”

The items seem to focus on customers’ desire to know where their goods come from. The coffee, for example, includes the notation that it is fair trade and organic.

“Instead of focusing in on any one aspect of product development, we’ve created a uniquely valuable brand experience that will speak to the metro millennial lifestyle,” the rep said.

Joining The Crowd

Jet’s new house brand will join a number of other similar products on the sites.

Walmart already sells its Great Value, Equate, and Sam’s Choice products on the e-commerce site.

However, retail experts tell the New York Post that these store brands have yet to catch on with younger customers, hence’s decision to jump into the house brand gang.

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