Clowns Claim “It” Has Cut Into Business

Movies and television shows can increase the recognition of otherwise undervalued or appreciated business, industries, or hobbies. However, in the case of the new film It, clowns around the country say they’re losing business.

NBC New York reports that local professional clowns blame It — the latest adaptation of Stephen King’s novel of the same name — for a decrease in business.

The film, which focuses on an evil clown menacing and snatching children in a small Maine town, doesn’t exactly endear clowns to children or their parents.

In the last few weeks, as the promotion of the movie has ramped up, John Nelson says his company, Clowns in Town, has gotten several cancellations.

“Last week, my partner and I had six cancellations of birthday parties,” he said. “I have heard from reports from other clowns, in New York and other cities, that they have been canceled as well.”

These cancellations, he notes, can have a devastating financial impact on the professional clowns, as they are often left empty-handed since they don’t require deposits for booking.

Fighting Back

Nelson and other professional clowns say they aren’t going to let that evil Pennywise get the best of them.

Instead, they’ve teamed up to host a rally outside New York’s Union Square Regal Cinema Thursday night, NBC reports.

Of course, the rally might not do too much to woo in customers, as it could exacerbate the fears in some, known as coulrophobia.

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