Lyft Driver Says She Was Attacked, Robbed In Road-Rage Incident

Image courtesy of CBS Los Angeles

Road rage is nothing new, but a Lyft driver in California says she was brutally attacked and then robbed in what she’s calling a road rage incident.

The full-time Lyft driver tells CBS Los Angeles she had just completed a trip with a customer and was fueling up at a gas station when two women jumped out of a car and started yelling insults at her, then began hitting her and grabbing her by her hair. Bystanders tried to step in, but the Lyft driver says her attackers threatened them, too.

An eyewitness caught the disturbing attack on video.

“I can’t watch it — see myself being dragged across a gas station for no reason,” the driver said, adding that she may never drive for Lyft again.

After the attack, she says the suspects took her wallet, her phone, and her rent money.

Although the car the women were in had an Uber sticker displayed on it, the company told the news station that the vehicle’s registered owner is a man who hasn’t driven on the platform for two months.

Lyft said the company’s thoughts are with the driver as she “recovers from this terrible ordeal,” and that they’re ready to assist with law enforcement.

“There is no place for such violence in our society,” the company said.

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