Uber Is Charging Riders A $15 Fee In Some Cities To Have Drivers Return Their Lost Items

Image courtesy of Elliott Brown

Realizing that you’ve left something precious in a hired car — a bag, a phone, a clarinet — is not a great feeling. But in order to turn that frown upside down and have your stuff returned to you, you’ll have to pay Uber $15 in some cities.

Uber recently changed its policies to add a $15 fee once a lost item is returned.

Why? Because “drivers are independent contractors and this is to compensate them for their time.”

“Neither Uber nor drivers are responsible for the items left in a vehicle after a trip ends,” the company notes. “We’re here to help, but cannot guarantee that a driver has your item or can immediately deliver it to you.”

In other words, that driver could be out picking up other passengers instead of taking a detour to bring you your phone. The driver will get that entire $15 fee, Uber says.

Currently, only riders in Boston and Chicago will have to pay this fee, but the company said in a blog post informing drivers about changes that it will roll out nationwide by the end of August. In the meantime, Uber says riders can give their drivers a tip in the app for providing such a service.

Uber’s main rival Lyft doesn’t have such a fee — at least, not yet — but the company encourages riders to give their drivers a big tip as a thank you.

(h/t Engadget)

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