Facebook Feels Left Out, Working On Its Own Smart Speaker For 2018

Image courtesy of Facebook

When all of the other internet mega-corporations have their own smart speakers and home hubs, it’s understandable that Facebook would feel left out. It just wants to be like the cool kids: Amazon and Google have their products on the market and even Apple and Alibaba have plans to launch their own. Facebook is reportedly catching up.

DigiTimes reports that unlike its competitors’ devices, which don’t have screens and use a voice interface, Facebook’s speaker will reportedly use a 15″ touchscreen and display images. You know, the kind of images that people share on Facebook.

Perhaps the device will be a combination of a digital picture frame and a smart speaker, which would be an improvement over Amazon’s creepy closet camera.

While the speaker wouldn’t reach the market until 2018, Facebook’s manufacturer Pegatron is reportedly already producing some text batches.

Pegatron puts together gadgets for a number of companies, including the Xbox One, the iPhone, and the Microsoft Surface.

Amazon’s Echo was the first smart speaker on the market, and was a big seller during the 2016 holiday season and the made-up holiday of Prime Day 2017.

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