Facebook Feels Left Out, Working On Its Own Smart Speaker For 2018

When all of the other internet mega-corporations have their own smart speakers and home hubs, it’s understandable that Facebook would feel left out. It just wants to be like the cool kids: Amazon and Google have their products on the market and even Apple and Alibaba have plans to launch their own. Facebook is reportedly catching up. [More]


Walmart To Combat Amazon With In-Store Screens That Let You Buy Things Online

Because Amazon is shipping to customers from a vast network of warehouses around the country, shoppers are less likely to come across out-of-stock items. Walmart, conversely, is infamous for its empty shelves, but the retailer is testing a new program that would allow customers to immediately place an online order for an item that isn’t in stock. [More]


Ford Placates Customers, Brings Back Volume Knobs

Back in the day, kids, just about every electronic device had a knob on it. We even changed television channels by getting up and using knobs, which works better when you have only 4 channels instead of 400. Ford has learned the hard way that while their MyFord Touch stereo/climate control/infotainment system looks really cool, customers kind of hate it. [More]

Make Your Own Screen Protector

Since you know you’ll be smearing your greasy mitts all over your smartphone’s touchscreen, you’re better off protecting it with a layer of plastic. You can bypass pricey protectors sold by manufacturers with stuff you’ve probably got around the house. [More]

Make-Your-Own Ice Cream Kiosks Debut, Obesity Crisis To Worsen

Make-Your-Own Ice Cream Kiosks Debut, Obesity Crisis To Worsen

Imagine if you could combine enough ice cream flavors and toppings to outfit a mini Coldstone Creamery with the efficiency and compactness of one of Coke’s new futuristic beverage machines. That’s just what MooBella’s amazing ice cream kiosk does.