Ford’s Latest Recall Involves Only 3 Vehicles

Image courtesy of Ken Fager

Another day, another recall for airbags. But what makes this Ford recall stand out is that the recall involves a grand total of just three vehicles.

Not three car models, or three model years, but three individual SUVs. More precisely, three 2016 Ford Escape vehicles that contain knee airbags that the carmaker says do not meet safety standards.

According to Ford, the knee airbag modules may not inflate in the event of a crash due to the lack of inflator gas generate material.

If the airbag doesn’t inflate properly, it could increase the risk of injury to the driver.

Ford says that the dealerships associated with the three vehicles are working to contact owners, and will replace the knee airbag at no cost. Hopefully it won’t take more than a few calls, since again we’re only dealing with three SUVs here.

The recall wasn’t Ford’s only safety campaign announced Wednesday: The manufacturer also recalled 400,000 model year 2015 to 2017 Transit van/bus vehicles, and four 2017 Ford Police Interceptor Utility vehicles.

The affected vans may have a cracked flexible coupling that could cause separation of the driveshaft, leading to loss of power while driving or unintended vehicle movement in park without the parking brake applied.

Ford says it is unaware of any injuries related to the recall. The company will notify owenrs and dealers will replace the flexible coupling if needed.

As for the police vehicles, Ford says the the second row main contain missing or ineffective seat attachment studs. If this is the case, the inboard attachments might not adequately restrain passengers in the event of a crash, increasing risk of injury.

Dealers are contacting owners to schedule service appointments to inspect for the presence of the second row seat attachment studs and repair as required.

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