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Ford’s Latest Recall Involves Only 3 Vehicles

Another day, another recall for airbags. But what makes this Ford recall stand out is that the recall involves a grand total of just three vehicles. [More]

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Ford Recalls The 2014 Escape For The Ninth Time

Ford Motor Company redesigned the Escape for 2013 and to say they’ve had a few problems with the new model is an understatement. Today, the company announced its ninth recall for the 2014 version of SUV. [More]

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Ford Recalls The 2013 Escape For 11th Time; Also Recalls Focus Hatchback

The newly redesigned Escape isn’t working out too well for Ford Motor Company. Over the weekend, the carmaker recalled the compact SUV for the eleventh time. [More]


Ford Agrees To Pay $17.35 Million To Settle Allegations It Was Slow To Issue 2012 SUV Recall

Ford is ponying up some big bucks to settle government allegations that the company putzed around and delayed the recall of almost half a million SUVs last year. The price tag to make it all go away: $17.35 million, the top penalty regulators can impose against automakers.

Cancel T-Mobile With No ETF By Complaining To The FCC

Cancel T-Mobile With No ETF By Complaining To The FCC

…just wanted you to know that I am one of the many people who can’t seem to get T-Mobile service even though I live in New York City, a major market. All my calls to the regular customer service line got me no where and they did the standard runaround: $5 credit, work with their tech team to isolate the problem, etc. I read a user comment on one of the many T-Mobile threads on the Consumerist which said to file a complaint with the FCC and, by doing so, T-Mobile will have to address the problem and report back to the FCC a resolution. So I did. (There’s an online form so it’s easy.)