Oscar Mayer Wiener Drone Designed To Make It Rain Hot Dogs

Image courtesy of Oscar Mayer

It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane, and it definitely isn’t Superman: Oscar Mayer is adding a drone to its Wienermobile fleet, one that the company says will drop hot dogs on hungry, Earthbound customers below — one wiener at a time.

The drone is 15 inches wide (without propellers), 24 inches long, and weighs about six pounds. It can fly for up to 15 minutes — around a mile total — carrying a single hot dog at an altitude of 1,200 feet.

The WienerDrone — joined by fellow newcomer, the WienerCycle — will debut its hot-dog dropping capabilities in Weiner, AR, on the Fourth of July, Oscar Mayer says, as part of a campaign promoting its overhauled hot dogs. The dogs are now free of all added nitrates, nitrites, by-products, and artificial preservatives.

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It’s unclear whether or not these drones will also dispense condiments.

According to the company, the WienerDrone is the first unmanned hot dog-carrying aircraft designed for remote location delivery. However, it’s worth noting that the Phillie Phanatic has been launching hot dogs from a pressurized wiener gun at baseball fans since 1996. He has also been known to turn the wiener gun on rival mascots:

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