Some IKEA Products Are Now Available On Amazon

Well, that was fast: Not even a week after an IKEA executive said the company would start selling products online through third-party vendors sometime next year, various IKEA items have popped up for sale on Amazon.

If you search for IKEA on, you’ll find items popping up under one of five categories: Home & Kitchen, Tools & Home Improvement, Toddler Dishes, Office Products, and Household Supplies.

For example, you can buy IKEA’s Swedish Meatball Sauce — but not the meatballs. Want to try your hand at transforming one of those big blue bags into something else? They’re for sale on Amazon now.

You can also find some furniture — mostly in the form office storage, shelving, or children’s items — dishes, household supplies like light bulbs and toolboxes, decor, bed linens, and curtains. It’s worth noting that many of these items are listed as sold by IKEA, but orders are fulfilled by third-party vendors.

If you’re looking for a bed, sofa, or other large furniture items, however, you’ll have to trek to IKEA for those items, or use obviously.

It’s unclear why IKEA decided to go ahead and put some of its stuff on Amazon already. We’ve reached out to the company for more details about its decision and will update this post if we hear back.

[h/t Fast Company]

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