Welcome To The Fifth Circle Of The Denim Inferno: A $445 Sundress Made From Upside-Down Jeans

Did you ever take an old pair of jeans, cut the legs along the inseams, sew in some fabric, and call it a skirt? That’s a popular do-it-yourself project, but one fashion brand has taken that idea and flipped it upside down. The latest item in the ongoing overpriced weird denim trend is like a skirt in this style, but flipped, with the jeans’ waistband dangling around the wearer’s knees.

The construction of this dress, which you can buy for $445 from ShopBop, raises many interesting questions. The company behind it, 6397, also sells jeans. Do they make two full pairs of jeans, then cut them apart and sew in the denim panels? Probably not, since this dress uses the fronts of two pairs. Regular dark-colored jeans from this brand sell for $265, and making a whole pair of jeans only to throw away half would be wasteful.

We learned about this item from Fortune, which pointed out that while this dress has four pockets, they’re all useless, since they’re upside down. That seems like a waste of some very nice pockets.

If it costs a few hundred bucks while also looking like it was assembled by a 12-year-old let loose with a sewing machine, it must be a denim item from 2017. This upside-down creation follows other impressive projects like the knee window jeans, clear jeans, jeans soaked in fake mud, and cold-thigh jeans that convert into denim panties.

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