Samsung To Make Google Play Default Music App On All Devices

If you’re planning to order one of Samsung’s new Galaxy S8 devices today, you’ll also be getting a little bit more — or at least Google hopes you do: Google Play Music streaming service will now be the default music app on Samsung devices. 

Google announced Friday that in a bid to increase subscribers of its streaming service it struck a deal with Samsung to make Google Play Music the default player and service on all Samsung devices from now on.

Through the partnership, Google says it will offer new Samsung owners a three-free month trial of Google Play Music and YouTube Red, the company’s ad-free video subscription service.

While Google no doubt hopes that making Google Play Music the default system for Samsung devices will translate in more subscribers, that doesn’t have to be the case.

Instead, after the trial Google Play Music will allow users to upload 100,000 tracks of their own music to stream. That figure is double the 50,000 tracks Google typically allows customers to upload.

In addition to adding Google Play Music front and center on its devices, Samsung says that its virtual assistant Bixby will work with the streaming service.

This means subscribers will be able to ask Bixby to play their favorite song or music for dancing and it’ll start playing on Google Play Music instantly.

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