Wendy’s Recipe For A Big Mac: “Dash Of Shame… 2 Spoonfuls Of Disappointment”

Whatever you feel about Wendy’s food, you have to respect any national brand that’s willing to let its Twitter account behave like that tipsy cousin at a wedding reception who doesn’t really care what you think about their outfit or dance moves.

While the chain’s Twitter page has had plenty of zingers in 2017, Wendy’s has been particularly sassy this week, dispatching fast food rivals left and right.

When asked the ingredients in a Big Mac, Wendy’s was ready:

And when someone suggested that McDonald’s was superior, Wendy’s kept it simple:

Proposals of marriage will not be tolerated by Wendy’s, because Wendy’s is a realist:

And when competitors do try to step into the Twitter ring with Wendy’s, it’s not pretty. Just take a look at this thread, in which Hardee’s contends that being first “doesn’t mean you’re best.”

“Tell us the fourth person to walk on the moon without googling it,” Wendy’s shot back. Soon after… “lol They blocked us.”

Don’t try to give Wendy’s any Twitter awards for its social media efforts, either, as the account shrugged off praise today with a deft humble brag:

[h/t The A.V. Club]

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