Order Beer At Home Just By Yelling At An Alexa Device

All of this connected home technology is great, but when will it do something useful and bring me a beer without me having to leave the couch? While it hasn’t quite reached the couch yet, you can restock your fridge with beer by speaking to an Alexa-enabled device. The suite of services are built around Miller Lite.

This comes courtesy of a booze-ordering platform called Drizly, which operates in 40 cities and delivers your order within an hour. AdAge reports that the company has worked with Amazon and MillerCoors to create a voice-activated app for Alexa devices that’s called, of course, Miller Time. For the speakerless, there’s a beer button, based on an Amazon Dash button, that lets Drizly customers re-order Miller Lite. Drizly has its own button for your regular orders, too.

Why Miller Lite? The company is looking at these services as a marketing opportunity. Miller isn’t alone: AB InBev is also using Alexa to promote its light beer, with an app that coaches users through a workout that burns 95 calories, the amount in a Michelob Ultra beer.

“Consumers are expecting a frictionless shopping experience across every area of their lives and we’re working to make it easier for legal drinking age consumers to get their hands on a beer through several testable areas,” the senior manager of digital marketing and media at MillerCoors said in a statement.

How long until commercial drone flight is viable and I’m able to order a beer that’s delivered right into my hand from an app? That’s what I want to know.

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