Breakfast Burritos Sold At Trader Joe’s Recalled For Plastic Pieces

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

What goes in a breakfast burrito? According to the label on the store-brand breakfast burritos sold at Trader Joe’s, the ingredients include eggs, potatoes, cheese, and turkey bacon on their labels. The label does not mention clear plastic pieces, but at least three TJ’s customers have turned up this unwanted surprise ingredient.

More accurately, the U.S. Department of Agriculture reports that three customers so far have reported finding clear plastic pieces in their burritos, and one of them sustained a “minor oral injury” from the pieces.

If you prefer to avoid plastic pieces in your food, where’s what to look for. The affected product has this label:

Since the burritos contain meat, they have a USDA inspection mark on the front of the package, which says EST. P-45574. Look for any of the following information on the label: Lot code 266, SKU 96132, package code A26616PFFG3, or case code 100-101280. The burritos were distributed from centers in Pennsylvania and Illinois.

If you have a question about products in your home, contact the product’s manufacturer, Flagship Food Group, at (800) 292-9900. Customers have been asked to throw the burritos away or return them to Trader Joe’s for a refund.

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