Papa John’s Testing Extra $3 Fee To Make Your Pizza First

Image courtesy of Aaron TD

Most of us have experienced the pain of having to wait an ungodly long time for a pizza ordered during the big game, or on a Friday night, or some other time when pizza is on everyone’s mind. That’s why Papa John’s is willing to bet you’d pay extra to prioritize your pie ahead the rest of the crowd.

The Associated Press reports that Papa John’s is testing a $2.99 “Papa Priority” fee in a few markets, with the possibility of expanding. In the section on the restaurant’s site that explains Papa Priority, the chain justifies the fee by explaining that the company recognizes “that there might be some situations where you would like your pizza a little faster on busy nights when there might be a longer wait due to the number of orders at the restaurant.”

For now, the extra fee is $2.99, but that could change in the future. What the chain promises is that if you pay up, your pizza will be “made faster and out for delivery sooner…” subject to terms and conditions.

Some customers in the early test markets don’t really see the logic, especially when there’s already a delivery fee on every order. Priority status also isn’t a guarantee that your pizza will show up by a certain time.


Don’t accuse the chain of wanting to collect the fee on as many orders as possible, though: Priority status is officially capped at five orders per location per day.

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