Starbucks Shuttering Final Two Evolution Fresh Juice Stores

Image courtesy of Evolution Fresh

Six years after Starbucks branched out of its caffeinated coffee corner by purchasing juice maker Evolution Fresh for $30 million and eventually opening a handful of juice stores, the coffee conglomerate is closing the doors of the final two remaining juicy locations. 

Eater reports that the two stores, located near Seattle, will close this spring, officially ending Starbucks’ foray into fresh juice bars.

The company will continue to sell Evolution Fresh packaged juices at its coffee shops.

The stand-alone juice stores were created following Starbucks’ purchase of Evolution Fresh in 2011.

Prior to the purchase, Evolution Fresh was a wholesaler, providing juice for stores like Whole Foods. Less than a year after the acquisition, Starbucks opened its first Evolution Fresh stores near Bellevue, WA. Eventually, the company opened four other locations.

Each store sold juice, as well as wraps, soups, salads, vegetarian and vegan options, and various other items for noshing.

Eater notes that the stand-alone juice stores were a project of outgoing CEO Howard Schultz, who will step down in April but remain with the company to focus on new, upscale coffee ventures. Since opening the stores, Starbucks and Schultz have changed their focus on coffee, specifically the company’s upscale Reserve Roasteries division.

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