McDonald’s Is Beta Testing A Crab Sandwich In Silicon Valley

With the exception of a seasonal, limited-time offering of a Lobster Roll sandwich on the East coast, McDonald’s only seafood entree has been the Filet-O-Fish. But it appears the meal is getting some company in the form of a crab sandwich being tested at certain locations in California. 

Thrillist reports that four San Jose, CA, McDonald’s locations recently began testing what has been dubbed the McDonald’s Crab Sandwich.

The sandwich, which mirrors the Lobster Roll sandwich, is made with snow crab, mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato slices.

The dish was created a as joint effort with TV chef Ryan Scott and the Golden Arches.

McDonald’s says that if the new sandwich is well-received by customer, it could be expanded to as many as 250 locations in the Bay Area this year.

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