Are You Having Trouble Getting Your Recalled Samsung Washer Fixed? Tell Us About It

Image courtesy of CPSC

Late last year, Samsung announced its second major recall in less than a year by calling back more than 2.8 million top-loading washing machines after customers complained about violent, almost explosive vibrations. While the company promised to fix the devices or provide refunds to owners, three months later, things apparently haven’t gone as planned, leading to a class-action seeking lawsuit. To that end, we’d like to hear from people who have experienced problems with Samsung’s recall process.

From canceled repair appointments to delayed or inadequate refunds, we’d like to hear from the owners of the 34 different models of washing machines. Have you attempted to set up an appointment with a Samsung-hired repairman? Did you find the rebate or refund process difficult?

Shoot us an email at with “Samsung Washer Recall” in the subject line. Try to provide as much relevant info as possible; as always, we won’t publish any full names or other identifying information.

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