Pizzeria Claims Enraged UberEATS Driver Fired BB Gun Into Restaurant

Image courtesy of Google Maps

Whether you’re into the idea of food delivery robots or not, they’ve got one thing going for’em: they’re not about to get mad and shoot up a restaurant if their plans are scuttled. Unlike the UberEATS driver who’s accused of firing a BB gun into a pizzeria after the eatery denied him a delivery order.

According to the husband and wife owners of a Tampa pizza parlor, the driver who arrived to pick up an order on Sunday was both ill-prepared — he didn’t have the proper bags to keep the customer’s pizza hot on its trip — and he seemed to be under the influence, reports the Tampa Bay News.

“He was visibly under the influence of something,” the woman said. “I don’t know what it was, but he wasn’t sober.”

When the owners told the man they’d be calling Uber for a different driver, he cursed at them, they say, yelling that the bag “wasn’t my problem” and making a scene in front of customers. The driver become even more angry when he was asked to leave, the couple claims, spitting at the husband and kicking the building and shrubbery.

He then allegedly pulled out a BB gun and shot at least five rounds at the building before fleeing. He returned and shot two more times into the restaurant’s window, as well as the window of a Korean eatery next door before driving away again, the owners say. Police were still searching for him on Wednesday.

While yes, keeping an order warm is a priority for the couple, they say they’re more worried about having an intoxicated person delivering their food. Their three children are traumatized as well, as they had just walked into the restaurant when the man started shooting the BB gun.

“They ask, ‘Did the police catch the bad guy? Are we going to have to go back to the restaurant?’ “ the woman says.

A spokeswoman for Uber told the Times that the company has removed the driver from the Uber platform while the investigation is pending. The company cooperates with criminal investigations when contacted by law enforcement agencies and is doing so in this case, she said.

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