Taco Bell Testing Fries Again, But Only At One Location

Image courtesy of ‏@carmen05631390

While you can walk into just about any fast food restaurant and get french fries, there’s currently only one Taco Bell where you can get your fry fix.

Business Insider reports that Taco Bell is gauging the french fried-waters with a test of loaded fries in Irvine, CA.

The fries, first spotted by the blog Brand Eating, come in two variations.

For about $2 guests can order them “loaded,” which means the potatoes are topped with all of the company’s Nacho Supreme ingredients including beef, tomatoes, nacho cheese, and sour cream.

A more simple version, served with habanero seasoning comes to just $0.50.

“We’ve tested fries in the U.S. previously,” a Taco Bell spokeswoman told Business Insider earlier this year. “We’re always looking for new items to test, so if we see a good fit for a particular region, we would never say never to testing them again.”

Many Taco Bell guests have expressed surprise after finding the new menu item.

While ordering fries from Taco Bell is a new concept for most consumers in the U.S., the company has sold the side in different variations across the world for some time now.

According to BI, locations in Japan, Guatemala, and Chili serve loaded fries, while Taco Bell locations in Canada sell Fries Supreme, Cheesy Fries, and Chili Cheese Fries.

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