Class-Action Lawsuit Claims Chicago McDonald’s Value Meals Aren’t A Value

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Typically, it’s less expensive to purchase a bundle of fast food items than individual items to make a meal. Or at least that’s the thought behind value meals, hence the word “value.” But one Chicago man says that’s just not the case at several restaurants in the city, and now he’s suing the franchisee that runs them.

The Cook County Recorder reports that the Des Plaines, IL, man filed the class action-seeking lawsuit last week in Cook Country Circuit Court, claiming that Karis Management — the operator of more than 10 Chicago-area McDonald’s locations — engaged in deceptive business practices when it came to advertising the cost of “Extra Value Meals.”

According to the lawsuit, Karis operated McDonald’s locations that sell a two-cheeseburger meal — including two cheeseburgers, a medium french fry, and a medium drink — for $5.90.

However, the suit claims that the individual items cost $2.50 for the two burgers, $1.99 for the fries, and $1 for the drink, coming to a total of $5.49 — or $0.41 less than the value meal.

The man says that he purchased a Two Cheeseburger Meal from at least five Karis locations from Oct. 14 to Nov. 13, paying $5.90 each time.

“Defendant, the operator of several McDonald’s restaurants, advertised for sale a food combination designated as an ‘Extra Value Meal’ but the combination actually costs more than if each item were bought separately, thus making it no ‘value’ at all, let alone an ‘extra value,’” the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit seeks to cover any customer who may have purchased the cheeseburger meal at the Karis operated locations.

With the complaint, the man is asking the court to return customers the money they were allegedly overcharged, as well as punitive damages.

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