The Big List Of Consumer Reports Gift Guides

Image courtesy of Andrew McDaniel

’Tis the season, when you’ve realized you have a long list of friends and loved ones to shop for, but absolutely zero ideas about what to get them. We can help.

Our colleagues at Consumer Reports have pulled together gift guides packed with suggestions from among the top-rated products tested all year long, with deals on consumer electronics, appliances and home-related products, automotive gear, and more. With suggestions for everyone on your list — parents, grandparents, techies, home chefs, and gearheads — you won’t have to rely on gift cards and IOUs. Not this year, friends. Not. This. Year.

Without further ado…

The Big List Of Consumer Reports Gift Guides

The Last-Minute Gift Guide From Consumerist and Consumer Reports
This is the first-ever gift guide from Consumerist and Consumer Reports, with a mix of editor picks and lab-tested products.

Best Gifts For Dad
He’s good at high fives, telling you how to correctly load the dishwasher, and dispensing fatherly wisdom. Whether or not you take his advice, you might want to thank the guy who’s given you so much over the years with some of the best products Consumer Reports tested this year.

Best Gifts For Mom
She brought you into this world, and if you don’t want her to take you out of it, consider these ideas for the perfect gift for the No. 1 woman in your life.

Best Gifts For Grandparents
Just because they don’t know what a Snapchat is doesn’t mean your grandparents don’t want the latest and greatest products out there. Make sure they’re up-to-date with the trends with these well-rated gift ideas.

Best Charities For Your Donations
If your karmic balance is feeling low and you don’t want to be a Grinch, consider donating to these charities before the year is out.

3 Great TV Deals If You Have A Sound Bar
If you own a sound bar speaker, a TV with great picture quality and poor sound can be a great deal.

Best Holiday Gifts For the Home Entertainment Aficionado
Video gamers, movie and music lovers, and couch potatoes of every stripe will be, um, turned on by Consumer Reports experts’ picks of the best televisions, speakers, and other entertainment gear of the season.

Best Holiday Gifts For The Gadget Geek
We’ve all got someone in our lives who just can’t wait to get their hands on trendiest gadgets. This list is for them.

Best Gifts For Cooks
Want to whip it, whip it good? Here’s a look at the best gifts for cooks that impressed the testers at Consumer Reports.

Perfect Gifts For Car Lovers
Rev your favorite gearhead’s engine with these car-related items.

Holiday Gift Ideas For Every Budget
Unless you’re made out of money, stretching every holiday dollar is important. Check out some of the year’s best holiday gift ideas, organized by price.

10 Small Appliances For $50 Or Less
A humidifier shaped like an owl? Yes, please (Consumerist boss Meg owns this owl and she loves it, by the by). Consider these appliances for yourself or as a gift.

10 Small Kitchen Appliances For $100 Or Less
If you’re looking for some top-notch kitchen gear that won’t bust your budget, check out these 10 picks froM Consumer Reports’ tests.

Best Food Processors For A Holiday Gift
There are soups that need to be pureed and homemade nut butters that must be blended. Give the gift of chopping, mixing, and otherwise combining ingredients with several dozen food processors that range from $50 to $500.

Best Headphones For Under $125
If you want your name to be music to your loved ones’ ears, consider these headphones recommended by Consumer Reports testers.

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